Welcome to my children's piano site, I'm so glad you found the time and inclination to visit. Much of what you can find on the site will be quite amazing (an understatement). So much so, that from what I can discover, some people refuse to believe what they are seeing and hearing. It's almost like magic in their eyes and ears. As I look at some of the You Tube comments (which I don't do often), I find that, for example, when a girl who is so tiny as to be unable to reach the pedals without extensions, can play FROM MEMORY, such pieces as Chopin's Grand Polonaise Brillant, and Liszt's Un Sopiro, people will make allegations of "fake".
How would one fake this? There are only two ways: either you make the camera capture an image of the girl but not her hands, or you film only hands, but not the rest of the girl. That way a hand double could be used. But if you see the girl AND her hands on the keys of the piano from reasonably close-up (as in the video below), it's not possible to "fake it".
Rachel Su playing Liszt's Un Sospiro

I've been a piano enthusiast all my life and until 2009, I had no idea that there were so many children able to play so brilliantly; I always thought pianism was confined to the likes of Vladimir Ashkenazy, Daniel Baremboim, Vladimir Horowitz, Alfred Brendel, Stephen Hough, Martha Argerich and Clifford Curzon, while children worked on simple stuff like Happy Birthday and simplified versions of Fur Elise etc. My eyes were opened and I am still frequently astounded by what I see on this site.

Some of the children who appeared on this site in its early stages have grown up now and are in their mid teens and even early twenties, therefore are no longer 'kids'. However, their talent was developed whilst they were still young, even pre-teen, so it's fitting that their pages continue to adorn this site.

I think I began this site around 2009 when I was inspired by George Li, Umi Garrett, Vivian Yu, Annie Zhou and Aimi Kobayashi, an inspiration which led me to many others. 

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They said I should get a piano teacher, so now I have one. Kinda strict though!!
30 year old classical pianist Lang Lang has been giving back to children around the world for nearly 10 years. Through the strategic work of his Foundation, Lang Lang is channeling his deep commitment to children and music education by developing sustainable, impactful, and unique charitable activities to continue to inspire children around the world.

Lang Lang receives Honorary Doctorate from Prince of Wales

Michael Lu has recently won first prize in the inaugural Midwest International Piano Competition and will also soon be competing in the Cooper International Piano Competition at Oberlin in July.
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