Umi Garrett - b.15th August 2000 - Aliso Vieja, Ca 

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                                Piano Stars Festival presentation concert in Riga- March 2012

 The XX International Piano Stars Festival anniversary celebration will begin with a presentation concert on March 9, in Riga, the Great Guild Hall. One of the festival concerts will take place also in Ventspils, Theatre House Juras Varti on March 14. The rest of the concerts will as always be held in the Liepaja Theatre.

In the festival opening concert, which will take place on March 9, in Riga, the audience will have unique opportunity to hear three outstanding pianists - Brigitte Engerer from France, Anton Lyakhovsky from Russia and the little genius - 11 years old Umi Garrett from the USA. The Liepaja Symphony Amber Sound Orchestra will be conducted by Atvars Lakstigala. Two days later, on March 11, this concert will also take place in the main location of festival – the Liepaja Theatre.

Uldis Lipskis, manager of the Liepaja Symphony Amber Sound Orchestra, proudly tells that: "During anniversary of the International Piano Stars Festival for the first time we will take a representation concert to Riga. The program of this concert will represent the essence of the whole festival - classical values, retrospection and a look in the future. Brigitte Engerer and Anton Lyakhovsky were especially beloved by the audience of previous festival concerts, Umi Garrett - the youngest participant in the history of this festival. During this concert, both youth and maturity, rich past and hopeful, intriguing future of the festifal will meet in the music of Mozart, Sen-Sans and Tchaikovsky.

This year citizens of Ventspils will have a chance to enjoy performance of the wonderful Belarussian duet by Natalia Kotova and Valery Borovikov from the program of the International Piano Stars Festival. In concert “Theatre. Love. Jazz.”, which will take place on March 14, in Ventspils, the duet will perform on two concert grands at the same time, which is a rare occasion in the concert life of Latvia. The audience in Liepaja will have an opportunity to hear this concert on March 15. "We are always happy to collaborate with such persistent partner as Ventspils that just wants to make sure its audience has at least a glimpse of the magic of this festival," tells Uldis Lipskis.

As announced before, the International Piano Stars Festival, which has been organised by the Liepaja Symphony Amber Sound Orchestra since 1993, will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year.

 As announced before, the International Piano Stars Festival, which has been organised by the Liepaja Symphony Amber Sound Orchestra since 1993, will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year.

Umi Garrett's magnificent slide show of her travels around the world.

 From Bill's Facebook Site - 12 March 2012

Very few people make it to the status of International Concert Pianist. Many many extremely talented adult performers who graduate from the world's most distinguished music schools and academies will never make it to the concert stage; what a waste. The eleven year old girl Umi Garrett is already there, travelling the world performing with the world's finest orchestras. Japan last month, Latvia last week, Moscow today. She's performed in China, and at the end of last year, in South America. Earlier in the year she was in Italy.

 I do wish she'd come to England. Problem is, the UK classical music world doesn't take child virtuosity as seriously as the USA does. This country still 'enjoys' a class distinction when it comes to classical music - snobbery in other words.

Can we imagine an otherwise normal child who is not a geek, playing concertos at the Royal Albert Hall? It happens at New York's Carnegie Hall, but I suspect we're light years behind America in this regard - our loss, not theirs. Here it comes, the British stiff upper lip:

"I say old boy, who ever heard of an eleven year old playing Beethoven's fourth at the opening night of the Proms at the Royal Albert Hall?

 My goodness, the girl is always smiling and laughing, never knows when to stop. We can't possibly take her seriously. No, let's stick to 70 year old Daniel Baremboim (extremely solemn), he knows Beethoven and we know him. Stick to what's tried and tested. Er, who is Lang Lang by the way, not another trendy? What IS the world of classical pianism coming to?"

Japan's Tsunami and Umi - 1 year on 

12 March 2012

 One year passed after the earthquake in Japan. Dear all my friends and families, thank you for your praying for us last year.


Now to Russia - 12 March 2012 

I just arrived at Moscow, Russia now. It's cold! Lots of snow on the ground! (*^^*)  - Umi's Twitter page 12 March 2012

Fundraiser for Recovery (Uncut version)

Forest Piano - Umi's favorite movie.

Story from 2009

In May 2009 Umi Garrett was welcomed and wowed the world on NBC's "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." 
 Now at 9 she has already displayed a remarkable talent and thrilled audiences wherever she has appeared.
One of Umi's most recent performances was her orchestral debut with the Desert Symphony in Palm Desert, California on Dec.11, 2009, performing Mozart Piano Concerto No.23. 
 Her performance thrilled the audience with brilliant playing and charm, earning standing ovation and endless applause.
 For the past two years Umi has been invited to participate and perform in concerts at the Killington Music Festival in Vermont as the youngest performer in the 26 year history of the Festival. 
Further Umi captivated European audiences in August 2009 as a performer in many concerts at the Vianden Music Festival in Luxembourg and Saarburg, Germany in solo works and Beethoven's Piano Trio, Op. 1, No. 1. 
 She was recognized as the little star from America and featured live on Luxembourg television as a "wunderkind" which included a personal interview.
 Some of her past appearances include "From The Top" national radio show, a concert at Steinway Hall in New York City; a concert in Washington D.C. sharing the stage with cellist, Allison Eldredge; a charity concert, "Jammin' for Jullian" in Southern California and others.
 Umi has won first prizes at the Southwestern Youth Music Festival and the J.S. Bach Competition where she competed with pianists up to age 18. She is a winner in J.S.Bach competition in consecutive two years. October, 2009, she was an overall winner of complete works of J.S.Bach.
 In November, 2009, Umi was a winner of the Saddleback Symphony Concerto Competition also against age 18, and will be the featured soloist in March, 2010.
 She is a student of Yoshie Akimoto.
 Umi also plays violin and has been taking classical ballet since she was 2 1/2.
She loves to paint and ride her bicycle. She is interested in science, history, computers, and math. Umi is part Japanese, German, Polish, and Irish. She is fluent in English and Japanese.  She currently resides in Orange County, California.

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Story from 2008

Umi is 8 years old, living in Southern California. In 2008, Umi received First prize in the SYMF Bach competition. Umi is also a winner of SYMF California Young Pianist. In her first appearance at the California Los Angels Bach Festival this year, she also took first prize inspite of being the youngest competitor and competing with pianists up to age 18. In 2008 at age 7, Umi also attended the Killington Music Festival in Killington, Vermont, as a youngest student ever in 26 years of history. Umi also performed at Cello&Piano Concert on Nov 22, 2008 in Washington D.C. presented by AE Global Music Company. She also performed at Steinway Hall in New York City on Dec, 2008. In 2009 Umi performed at the charity concert "Jammin' for Julian", and on "The Ellen Degeneres Show".

Umi is accepted to Vianden Music Festival in Luxembourg in Europe which will be held in August, 2009.

She started learning piano when she was 4 years old with Mrs.Tominaga. Umi currently studies with Mrs.Yoshie Akimoto and Mrs.Itoe Akimoto.

Umi had a first public solo concert when she was 7 years old. Umi’s repatoire include Bach “Italian Concerto” and “French Suites”, Rameau “Gavotte with Variations”, Chopin “Waltz Op64 No1”and "Etude Op.10 No.2 and No.8", Liszt “Gnomenreigen”, Mozart “piano Concerto No23 in A KV488” and "Sonata 330", Balakiev “Lark”, Persichetti “Toccatina No1”.
Umi speaks Japanese and English. She plays violin also, and has been studying classical ballet since 2 1/2 years old. She loves to paint, ride on the bike, play with her friends. She also loves to go to the beach. She loves to got to Japan and eat Japanese food. (^_^)

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                 Umi in Rome Italy - not too sure about the snow scenes though.

Umi in 2013
Umi in 2014