Phoebe Liang Pan - Irvine Ca.


 Phoebe Pan, is attended Pacific Academy High School in Irvine. She started her formal piano training when she joined Opus119 School of Music in Irvine at age of 7 and then studied under the direction of Ethan Yi Dong at the Conservatory Program. She was the winner of many piano competitions, including the Grand Prize at the Tureck International Bach Competition for Young Pianists, 1st Place at the Seattle International Piano Competition, 1st place at International Russian Music Piano Competition, the Silver Medal at The 5th Bösendorfer and Schimmel USASU International Piano Competitions Juniordivision. Furthermore, she was awarded the 1st prize of 2012 David D. Dubois Piano Competition as well as Grand prize winner of the 24th annual Los Angeles Music Center's prestigious "Spotlight" Award.

She is a seasoned performer on many performing stages including Carnegie Hall, Steinway Hall in New York, and
Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. Phoebe aspired to be an artist and look forward to a lifetime of discovery of pianistic and artistic possibilities.

Phoebe's Performances: 

2012 - 8 Lake Como International Piano Academy, Italy
2012 - 5 Irvine Solo Recital to benefit the Lone Survivor Foundation - Opus119 Concert Hall, Orange County
2012 - 4 Spotlight Award at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles
2012 - 3 Performance class and master class, Boston
2012 - 3 Competition and performance, Ohio
2012 - 2 Competition and performance, Louisiana
2011 - 10 Concerto concert with Bach Festival Orchestra
2911 - 8 Lake Como International Piano Academy, Italy
2011 - 6 Concerto Debut at Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles
2011 - 1 Schimmel and Bosendorfer International Piano Competition, Arizona
2010 - 12 Concerto Debut with Seraphim Symphony, Orange County
2010 - 8 Master classes in Beijing, China

2009-3 Pioneer Middle School Academic Olympic Gold Medalist Performance, Tustin
2009-2 Emerging Artist Performance Concert, Irvine
2008-10 Southern California Junior Bach Festival Awards Concert, Los Angeles
2008-10 California International Young Artists MusicFest Winners' Concert, San Diego
2008-06 Tureck Bach Competition Gala Concert at the Kosciuszko Foundation, New York
2008-05 China Earthquake Children's Charity Benefit Concert, Irvine
2008-05 Solo debut at Carnegie Hall, New York
2008-05 Cypress College Piano Competition Winner's Concert, Cypress College
2007-10 Southern California Junior Bach Festival Awards Concert, Los Angeles
2007-05 Glendale Piano Competition Awards Concert, Glendale
2007-05 MTAC Scholarship Awards Concert, Los Angeles
2007-06 17th International Chinese Young Musicians Competition Awards Concert, LA
2006-06 16th International Chinese Young Musicians Competition Awards Concert, LA

Italian Concerto 

From 2008

10-year-old piano prodigy also plays cello, violin and flute
The Orange County Register
updated 11:45 a.m. PT, Tues., May. 27, 2008
Ask 10-year-old piano prodigy Phoebe Pan about her career aspirations and she'll shoot back an expansive - but nonmusical - shortlist. "I want to be a scientist or an author," she said quietly, nearly whispering. "I have a lot of potential." That's an understatement, said Jenny Shin, Pan's piano instructor, who works at Opus119 school of music in Irvine. "Not too many kids can perform at Carnegie Hall." Earlier this year, Pan sonically duked it out to win a top prize in the international Bradshaw & Buono competition.

Her first place award padded an already impressive resume and entitled her to play a song of her choice in Carnegie's Weill Hall. On May 18, donning a white dress, Pan took to the stage at the preeminent Manhattan venue, in the footsteps of Gershwin, Stravinsky and Ellington. 

 Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody No 8 in F-sharp minor

Chopin Etude in G-flat major, Op 25, No 9

As the second youngest person in the winner's circle, Phoebe stretched herself beyond a recommended five-minute time limit. Her seven-minute song of choice, Lowell Liebermann's Nocturne No. 2, struck a chord with competition director Cosmo Buono. "He said she's very deft at playing," recounted Shin, adding that Buono was eager to get a recorded copy of Pan's performance into composer Liebermann's hands. Now back at home, Phoebe the fifth-grader is back to her "normal" routine: two focused hours on the piano bench every day, daily GATE classes at Hicks Canyon Elementary School, swim team four times a week and gymnastics and art once a week. There used to be time for Chinese classes too, said mother Hua Peng, but that extracurricular activity has fallen by the wayside. Phoebe will travel to New York City in June for another international competition. As one of six semifinalists, she'll compete in the Italian concerto category. Her current options, it seems, are boundless. "She has a special tonal quality... her own musical style," said Shin. "I think she's way more talented than I was at her age." Peng traces her eldest daughter's musical proclivity to preschool, when Phoebe danced for her class including her wide-eyed teacher. Along with piano, she's picked up cello, violin and flute.
And according to Mom, there may be another superstar in the household: 8-year-old Lillian. "Siblings always compare," she said, explaining that Lillian seems slightly jealous of her older sister's emergence. "But they get along well." It's difficult to imagine it being any other way. Mild-mannered and modest about her natural talent, Phoebe said piano is a huge challenge. Shin, who described her teaching style as "aggressive," said her student's success stems from attentiveness more than fortune. "If I say something to her once, I don't have to say it twice," said Shin.

 Haydn Sonata in E-flat major, Hob. XVI:52 Allegro

Irvine Classical Players Chamber Orchestra - Bach Concerto A Major

Liszt - La Campanella


1st Place - 2009 International Russian Music Piano Competition
2nd Place - 2009 Cypress Piano Competition 1st place – 2009 Emerging Artist Competition
2nd Place – 2008 Los Angeles International Liszt Competition
Grand Prize – 2008 Tureck International Bach Competition for Young Pianists
Contemporary Music Prize – 2008 Tureck International Bach competition for Young Pianists
1st place – 2008 Tureck International Bach Competition for Young Pianists (Category 8)
1st place – 2008 Bradshaw & Buono International Piano Competition
1st place - 2008 Southern California Junior Bach Festival Final ( CWA - Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue)

1st place – 2008 California International Young Artists MusicFest Competition
1st place – 2008 Cypress College Piano Competition (Classical Era)
1st place – 2008 SYMF (Open Baroque)
1st place – 2008 Chinese American Education Association Young Pianist Competition
1st place - 2007 Southern California Junior Bach Festival Final (CWA - Italian Concerto)
3rd place – 2007 SYMF (Young Pianist - Div1)
1st place - 2007 Glendale Piano Competition
1st place - 2007 17th Annual International Chinese Young Musicians Competition 1st place - 2007 MTAC LA Branch Scholarship Competition
1st place – 2007 MTAC LA Branch Sonata/Sonatina Festival
1st place – 2006 16th Annual International Chinese Young Musicians Competition
1st place – 2006 SYMF (Open American)
1st place – 2005 MTAC Orange Coast Cities North Branch Romantic Festival
Winner – 2007 SYMF (Open Baroque)
Winner – 2007 Cypress Piano Competition (Baroque Era)
Winner - 2006 Cypress Piano Competition (Contemporary Era)
Winner – 2006 MTAC LA Branch Scholarship Competition
Winner – 2006 SYMF (Complete Classical Works)


Johann Sebastian Bach – Italian Concerto BWV 971 (Allegro, Andante, Presto)
Johann Sebastian Bach – Chromatic Fantasia & Fugue BWV 903
Johann Sebastian Bach – WTC Book I #22 B-flat minor, BWV 867 – Prelude & Fugue Seymour Bernstein- Birds
Frédéric Chopin – Waltz in C-sharp Minor Op. 64 No. 2
Frédéric Chopin – Étude Op.10, No.2 in A minor
Aaron Copland – Three Moods
Edward Grieg - Notturno Joseph Haydn – Concerto in D Major
Joseph Haydn – Sonata in C, Hob. XVI: 50 (Allegro, Adagio, Allegro Molto)
Lowell Liebermann - Nocturne No. 2, Op. 31
Lowell Liebermann - Nocturne No. 4, Op. 38
Franz Liszt - La Campanella (No.3 From 'Six Etudes After Paganini')
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Sonata K545 (Allegro, Andante, Rondo)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Sonata K576 (Allegro, Adagio, Allegretto)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Piano Concerto No. 23 in A major (K. 488) (Allegro, Adagio, Allegro assai)
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - Dumka, Op. 59 

Bach - Italian Concerto

1st Mvt.

2nd Mvt.

3rd Mvt.

 Tchaikovsky Dumka Op. 59

Lowell Liebermann - Nocturne No. 5

Kapusin - Eight Concer Etudes Op. 40, No. 8

 Lowell Liebermann Nocturne No. 2

 Lowell Liebermann Nocturne No. 4

 Aaron Copland - Three Moods

 Chopin Waltz Opus 64 No 2

Liszt - La Campanella