Maria Magda - Romania

My name is Maria Magdalena and I like to play the piano, to paint and swim. I am interest in math, science and literature, too.
My favorite composer is Mozart, but I like Chopin,Liszt, Beethoven and Romanian composer Silvestri Basacopol and Enescu.
I have participated in many national and international competitions where I won the first or second prize.
I love the nature and the animals.
I hope you enjoy my videos.

Liszt - Etude in F

 Sonata KV330-W.A.Mozart

 E ziua ta mamico!

 Festival pianista Sremska Mitrovica

Chopin - Fantaisie Impromptu Op. 66

 Vara,dulce vara!-Summer, sweet summer!

Debussy - The little Shepher - Golliwog's Cakewalk

Mozart - Sonata KV330

Debussy- Golliwog's Cakewalk

Liszt - Etude in F

 Festival pianista Sabac

 Chopin-Trois ecossaises

International competition.I won the first prize. The third piece is compose by a romanian composer Carmen Petra Basacopol and it has romanian folk influence.  

 Rahmaninov prelude op. 3 nr. 2