Majka Babyszka  - Bydgoszcz, Poland

Mayka is from Poland and she was born in 1999. She started to play the piano when she was 6,5 years old.
At 7 y.o - She loves music, playing the piano, singing, John Lennon and... chocolate ;)
8.y.o. She loves music, of course. Also she likes drawing, painting, swimming, sun, animals and... Pirates of Caribbean.
9.y.o She still loves music... she is a big fan of the Polish rock group PERFECT. She loves singing and accompanying herself on the piano. She likes to jump, to swim and to dive.

Mayka dreams of playing a cream-coloured grand piano in front of the pyramids in Egypt..:)

Newest fascination - LINKIN PARK
Newest dream - concert with LINKIN PARK;)

Hankering (own composition)

Imagine - John Lennon

Majka is singing and piano playing "Imagine" by Lennon during a concert dedicated to Pope John Paul II in Bydgoszcz 16.05.08  

 J. Garścia "Zimowy ogród z sikorką" (Żagań 2009)

 "Le Salon de Musique" E. Rocherolle

 Concert with a Symphony Orchestra

 Live at the Jazz Club "Od Nowa" Toruń 2011

Jazz Improvisation

 "Najdłuższe urodziny" Chopin Warszawa 2010

Mulan "Reflection"

Chopin - Nocturne in C-Sharp Minor

 "Le Salon de Musique" E. Rocherolle (Koszalin 2009)

 J. Garścia "Zimowy ogród z sikorką" (Żagań 2009)

Mayka (9 letnia) gra w kościele do Mszy. In the Church...

Majka Babyszka (9 lat ) - Fortepian
Janina Garścia (1920-2004) "Zimowy ogród z sikorką"

XIV Ogólnopolski Turniej Pianistyczny im. Haliny Czerny-Stefańskiej
Żagań 12-14 lutego 2009

Nauczyciel mgr Adam Zok

Mayka Babyszka (9 y.o.) - piano
Janina Garścia (Winter Garden with a Tit)

*Janina Garścia (1920-2004) Polish composer and teacher, author of various pieces for young players*