Linhdan Vo - 5 years old - Saigon

Doll's Dream - Theodore Oesten

Bach - Menuet in G BMV Anh 116

 Violin Piano Duet by Hong Ha & Linhdan 2010

Linhdan in ABRSM High Scorers Concert 2011 Vietnam

Haydn - Marionette


Mexican Hat Dance

Ariette Piano (Mozart)

 Ariette Piano (Clamer

Hungarian Dance No5 Piano Song (Johannes Brahms)

Rondo Alla Turca from linhdanvo - a 4 year old pianist

Sonatina mov2 (L.W.Beethoven) from linhdanvo

Fur Elise / Per Elisa (L.W.Beethoven) fm 5 year old pianist

Ballade Pour Adeline from Linhdanvo

A Pleasant Farmer (R.Schumann) from a 5 year old pianist

Comical Train (lustige Eienbahn) by 4 year-old Linhdanvo

The Dance of a Magician (Yoshiko Ishizawa) take2 linhdanvo

Diabelli Op168 Mov1 & 2 by Linhdanvo

Sonatina Op168 Mov3 Diabelli by a 5 year old pianist

Mozart K545 mov2 Linhdanvo

BACH by a 5 year old pianist

HAYDN Neun Kleine Frühe Sonaten C by a 5 year old pianist

Marionette Haydn by Linhdanvo on TV