Ivy Liu - United States

 Ivy Liu is a student of the European Academy of Music and Arts, Inc.,USA, with 10 years of piano playing experience.

Ivy Liu performing S. Thalberg's Concert Fantasie on Rossini's "Maise" Op. 33

 F. Liszt, Apres une lecture du Dante: Fantasia Quasi Sonata - Ivy aged 12

 F.Liszt, Etude, Op. 1, No.9, in As Dur,-  Ivy aged 6

 F. Liszt, Concert Etude, "Un Sospiro" in Des Dur - aged 8

Ivy performed this piece at a concert at the University of Cambridge, U.K., June 23, 2011.

 F. Chopin, Etude, Op.25,No.12 in c moll. Ivy aged 7

This is live performance in a concert in Reston, Virginia, USA,