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 Vancouver BC

Everything here composed by Gene herself.


"Glorious Morning " - Piano Solo composed in January 2012.
Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved 2012

'Glorious Morning' is really an ode to a beautiful, warm and sunny morning at the beginning of Spring, after long cold winter, when the world is changing, the flowers are blooming and the birds are singing. I have read many lovely poems about the Spring, but I have found Rumi's poem 'Spring Arrives' is the most beautiful one. Although the poem is 800 years old but Rumi's description and the dialogue of flowers and trees would never become old and it is very relevant for Spring of 2012.

 I want to take this opportunity to thank 'Burning Heart' for the wonderful translation of Rumi's poem that has been exclusively presented to my composition.


 Antarctic - Original Piano Solo composed by Gene Emerson (14)

Antarctic - original composition for piano solo composed by Gene Emerson in February 2012. Copyright Protected All Rights Reserved 2012.

Embodies the Earth's southernmost continent, Antarctic is the coldest place on Earth. Desolate, very cold, silent, mysterious and beautiful. Although it appears lifeless, it has blue whales, orcas, penguins, colossal squids and fur seals. The amazing and unbelievable Emperor penguin, the tallest ( stand up to 122cm ) and heaviest penguin, is the only penguin that can withstand the harsh and extreme Antarctic cold for more than two months in order to breed without food or movement.

Although to compose this piece. the Antarctic has been the source of inspiration for me, however like many

Although to compose this piece. the Antarctic has been the source of inspiration for me, however like many people, I am deeply worried about it's future and the future of our globe. I have called my composition: Antarctic, solely to express my emotion, anxiety and the hope towards this great and magnificent region and its amazingly beautiful and wonderful wild life.

 Death of a Hero 

"Death of A Hero" original composition for piano solo. Composed by Gene Emerson in Dec 2011. Copyright Protected All Rights Reserved 2012

in order to see the motif behind this piece one has to look at the description that comes as a poem. It explains it all. It is a very sad piece but the Hero by his death is showing the direction to a bright future. He strongly believes that his cause is a just cause and confident that others would carry on with his noble dream. It is somewhat like an expression of utter sadness in leaving this world while knowing that the death is not futile, with great sense of hope, optimism and pride.The fight for freedom, like the death of Spartacus, is a symbol that talks about the same issue. Please see the following magnificent videos of " Spartacus Last Scene", " I'm Spartacus " , "Gladiators Fight", " Death Is the Only Freedom ", "Spartacus part 9" and part 13, from the movie Spartacus:

 Although I agree with you that the last part, is a bit 'long' but, I intentionally wanted to do that. I wanted to show, that the Hero's death in its total sadness has a positive result unbeknownst to the adversary. I want to show: the most valuable outcome, that death has brought forth, is the continuity of the cause and the message that provides the most important element in the story. Death here, is just like a torch in darkness that opens the path. For someone who does not know the thoughts and the emotions -when composing this piece- and does not follow the 'story', it may sound a bit long and repetitious. But, not for me or for thoses who are aware of the idea behind it. I somehow imagined,- when composing this piece- that I have been given the torch and I am the one who must carry it in darkness. The constantly burning flame is a necessity, to traverse the path. Just like repetitions of heart beats that are never ever too many, too long or boring. Or, like a fish that cannot become tired of water. I want to tell to the dying Hero: you will never die. We will carry forward the torch that you held high. We will never give up or abandon your dream. Please die in peace great Hero!

Please know that, this piece for me is extremely emotional and touching. 'Death of A Hero' is my ultimate expression of hope, optimism and a promise, a promise against prevalent agonizing pain and sorrow, -despite of so many wars, injustices, suffering, death, hunger, starvation, destructions, misery, economic and social deprivations in our world today- the future is very bright. The humanity will prevail ! And one day, humanity will eventually find its way to peace, justice, freedom, harmony, brotherhood, and happiness. I want with deep sense of empathy convey this message through my composition. Gene

 'The Call of the Reed' (flute) is my new original composition and arrangements for piano violin duet. It was composed in Nov 2011. The violin is played by wonderful viola/violin player and teacher Reg Quiring. 'The Call of the Reed' Is a poem by Rumi, the great 13th century Persian poet. It has deeply moved and inspired me to name my composition after this absolutely magnificent poem. Rumi is one of my most favorite poets in the world. By 'The Call of the Reed', Rumi expresses a profound message of free spirited devotion, love, passion and peace for humanity. It signify's lofty and beautiful ideals. I would like to dedicate this piece to all my dear friends, subscribers and supporters as a gesture of gratitude for their great encouragements and support.

With all my love,


The Call Of The Reed - Piano & Violin Duet

 Tears of Nanjing

Sailor's Lullaby - Solo piano composition by  young Canadian composer

 This is a new video of the Sailor's Lullaby that I composed in January 2011. This new recording was done in June 2011 performance, has a better sound quality. It expresses my dream of a lonely sailor in a middle of ocean, While thinking of his home and family, singing his lullaby.
I hope my dear friends would like it .

Sailor's Lullaby
Oh... in distant ocean,
I long for home
In loneliness,
while dreaming of you
as I gaze at the distant stars,
I sing my Lullaby

 Moonlit Waltz

Cherry Blossom 

 Yangtze River 

Russian Dance -The Russian Dance was composed in October 2010. Being deeply touched and inspired by the Russian composers such as Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Igor Stravinsky, Rimski Korsakov and others, I choose Dimity Kabalevski as my absent mentor. The result of this spiritual relationship is the Russian Dance.

Caravan on the Silk Road

The Silk Road extends 7,000 to 10,000 km and it's over 2,000 years old. It is probably the longest road in the world. It connected the great civilizations of China, India, Persia, Arabia and Europe. Camel Caravans were the main source of transportation to travel the long and arduous journey. The Silk Road is truly a very unique passage in the history of mankind, that has no equal. It has brought people of different regions, distant countries and races together. It was like an international highway with no borders.This composition "Caravan on the Silk Road" is expressing a dream about a long and mysterious journey of two millenniums. It talks about stories of untold tales, challenges and the memories of caravans and people who traverse the ancient road. It's also a dream about a peaceful, happy, prosperous, flourishing, harmonious and beautiful world without boundaries.

The Finch