Coco Ma - Canada

Coco  is the youngest scholarship student at the Young Artists Performance Academy at the Royal Conservatory of Music. She loves classic music. Her favorite composer is Mozart. She likes to play Bach, Mozart and Debussy. She loves reading, drawing, writing poems and making crafts. Her favorite sports are swimming, skiing and fishing.


Coco Ma (8yrs) plays Chopin Waltz Op.69 No.2

Coco Ma(7yrs) plays Mozart K.545 - 1st (kids piano)

Coco Ma plays at recital (6yrs)—May07 (kids piano)

Coco Ma plays at recital(6yrs)-April 07 (kids piano)

Coco Ma (7yrs) Miniature Concerto by Alec Rowley at Kiwanis 08 Feb

Coco Ma plays Beethoven Sonatina in F major-Rondo at recital (7yrs) May08 - kids piano

Coco Ma(8yrs) plays Debussy Arabesque No.2 (kids piano)

Coco Ma(7yrs) plays Tchaikovsky - Song of the lark(kids piano)

Coco Ma(8yrs) plays Mozart sonata K.545 - 1st mvt (kids piano)