Bethany Mo - Marlbro, NJ

Bethany Mo has been playing piano since the age of five and currently 12 years old. Her current piano teacher is Alex Babayev, Ph.d, who is selected by the National Music Teachers Associated as one of the five best teachers in the U.S. Bethany has performed at Carnegie Hall three times.

Bethany just won the Crescendo 2009 Music Carnival as the Grand Prize Winner and the "most artistic performer". She performed at the Historical Patriots Theater in Trenton, NJ on May 3, 2009.

Bethany is the first prize third place winner of Crescendo's 08-09' International Competition.

Not only does Bethany enjoy piano and music, but she is also interested in art and literature. She also participates in her school Jazz Band, Show Choir, and Creative Arts program as well.

Bethany's first try with Sunflower (age 12), inspired by pianist Yundi Li 

Sonata in C Major K. 330 first movement composed by Mozart in the Manalapan library on May 10th, 2008. Inspired by the pianist Lang Lang.  

It was performed in June 2007 Asian Music Festival when Bethany was age 11.  

Classical Chinese piece called Prelude by Tyzen Hsiao. Played by Bethany in the Asian Music Festival June 2007. 

Bethany playing Fuga XII by Bach at the age of 8 at a nearby church.  

Bethany Mo (age 12) performs Beethoven's Sonata Pathetique first movement in Carnegie Hall on January 18, 2009, in Crescendo's 2009 International Competition.  

Bethany Mo (age 12) plays  (Red Flowers Blooming All Over the Mountain). Bethany just won Crescendo's 2009 Music Carnival, and was awarded as the Grand Prize Winner and "most artistic performer". She will be performing this piece on May 3, 2009 at the Historical Patriots Theater in Trenton, NJ.