Andrew Li - (George's Little Brother)  Boston Ma

Andrew performed in the Winner's Concert at the Boston Steinway Hall after winning the first prize of Division 1 at the 2009 Boston Steinway Competition 

     Liszt - The Nightingale

 Chopin - Etude Op.10, No. 1 in C Major 

  Chopin Polonaise in G sharp minor

 Haydn Concerto No. 11

 Bach - Two Part Invention

No. 3

 Bach - Two Part Invention 

No. 4

Haydn - Sonata in D at Winners' Concert

 Beethoven Sonata No. 1 Mvt 1

 Mozart Sonata K545

Chopin - Nocturne in C Minor  - Op. Posthumous

     Beethoven - Fur Elise 

  Clementi - (Unknown piece)

  Andrew - A while ago.